How to plan big fat Indian Punjabi Wedding

Punjabi weddings are a festival on their own. India, which is already known for its grand wedding celebration, the Punjabi wedding takes that up a notch up in grandeur. However, it also is one of the more laborious to prepare. A Punjabi wedding takes months of planning and meticulous execution.

1.Destination Weddings Or Extravagant National One!

Destination weddings are becoming a popular trend amongst young couple in recent years, the cost of destination weddings can vary and sometimes can exceed or cost much lower than a wedding arranged in one’s own home, a destination may require extra planning, but the efforts are surely worth the experience making it one unique wedding. Of course, you can also opt to arrange your wedding extravagantly in your home. They both hold their benefits and entirely depend on preference.

2.Hire Wedding Planners

Weddings can get laborious, especially grand ones like those of the Punjabis. This is why most people hire professional wedding planners to assist you in wedding planning. This is especially useful when you are preparing for a destination wedding where you are unfamiliar with the locale.

3.Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

You want to capture the moments leading to your wedding with a pre-wedding photoshoot. Most people hire professional photographers for this purpose as professionals will take better pictures than your third cousin with his 12MP camera for you to look back on years later.

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4.Rich Wedding Invitations

An extravagant Punjabi wedding demands an equally grand Punjabi wedding invitations, many couples hire professional designers to come up with unique and interesting designs to create a unique invitation card for their wedding.

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5.Designer Outfits And Accessories

In a Punjabi wedding, it is quite common for brides and grooms to wear designer outfits and accessories for their wedding. Some of these designer outfits are so unique, they can make your wedding look truly unique and interesting.

6.Food From Across The Globe

For most people, after the wedding rituals are performed. The food becomes the second most awaited feature of the event. There are several ways to go about this, from buffets to pre-planned menus announced days before the wedding. Expensive weddings often have a wide and interesting menu from food across the globe to make the whole experience one to look out for.

7.Best Photographer

When hiring photographers for the main event, it is recommended to hire a reputed and talented photographer. For the most part, anyone can take a picture however a talented professional will make your pictures stand out and even more beautiful.

8.Book All Entertainers For All Functions.

For an extravagant event, you want to book all your entertainers well before the event, this not only leaves you with lesser last-minute tasks but also in the event of cancellation, you will be left with enough time for changes.

9.Significance Of Pre & Post Punjabi Wedding Rituals

Punjabis Hindus or Sikhs’ wedding rituals although symbolic hold high significance in the new couple’s transition as man and woman in society. The Chunni ceremony, Maiya, Mehendi, or Choora are rituals performed before weddings while Doli or Phere Pauna which are post-wedding rituals are performed with a lot of planning as it holds major significance in the culture.

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A growing trend amongst wedding planners is providing guests with a giveaway as souvenirs after the wedding as a token of appreciation for their presence in such an important event. Giveaways can be as simple as a thank you card too complicated and extravagant gift baskets with a variety of items.

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