The role beauticians and dermatologists when it comes to skin care products cannot be overemphasized. They determine the products that are suitable for all skin types. In the case of face serums, they determine which is best for oily, dry, redness of skins and lots more. If you are looking to buy serum or other skincare products, you should check what Yves Rocher has in stock and if they would interest you. You should also read reviews about them on so that you can get information from people who have used their products directly.

What is Serum

Serum can be likened to a three-course meal, of which it is regarded as the main course. It also contains a wide variety of nutrients suitable for the skin. Serum can also mean a type of skin care product made to proffer the skin a certain amount of highly active ingredients that are specific in type. There are a lot of serums available in the market today and they carry out different jobs from brightening of the skin to hydration. Often times serums are known to be vivid gels or liquids which are lighter in thickness than moisturizers in order to assist in the locking of moisture.

Serum also have a way of hydrating the skin more effectively than creams. The molecules existing in it have the ability to enter deeply into the skin and hydrate it properly while creams just stay on the topmost layers. As such serums don’t necessarily pass as moisturizers but can push up the effects of hydration of your moisturizer.

Benefits of Face Serum

Face serum can be used for treating redness, wrinkles and pigmentation as it contains ingredients such as retinols, antioxidants, vitamin A, E & C that helps to keep the skin tone even.

How to make use of Face Serum

For the obvious fact that everyone has a different type of skin, on the average 7 weeks is enough to observe the use of serum on your face. You would definitely notice slight hydration on your skin in just a few days. If you apply face serum on your face and neck twice daily for a couple of days, your skin would definitely respond positively if the serum is good for your skin type.

Reasons why you should use Serum

Colour Correction

These types of face serums carry out a wide range of duties and also skin problems such as pores that are overly large, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. Those who should make use of it are those looking out for even skin tone or nix dark spots.

Face serum hydration

These kind of serums helps to instill adequate moisture in order to supplement the moisturizer used at night. It is an hydrating serum and those with dry skin are perfect for its use. Although other skin types such as oily skin or those skin prone to acne can also partake in its outstanding benefits.

Face serum Antioxidant

These kinds of serum provide assistance for your skin against free radicals the skin is open to daily. It also helps to prevent fine lines as well as other aging signs. It can also repair and heal the skin. These kinds of serum is beneficial to all skin types since we are all exposed to free radicals on a daily basis.

Face Serums for Anti-aging

These kinds of serum is known to reverse the time and reduce the process of aging by passing out important anti-aging ingredients that combat wrinkles and fine lines. These serums are perfect for all skin types.

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